Six pack for abs workout? Bad exercise common sense 5.

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You need to do both cardio and weight training.

In the summer, when I sweat a lot, I feel like I’m losing a lot of weight. But in reality, this is not the case. In the cold winter, the body cools down and the dropped body temperature increases to keep the body warm, which helps control weight.

On the other hand, in summer, outdoor activities increase due to playing in the water, but it is not easy to control the weight because food intake increases at vacation spots. In particular, in the heat wave, activity decreases and foods containing a lot of sugar are eaten, which can lead to weight gain after summer.

Now, as the heat has subsided, it is nearing the end of summer. It is time for people whose muscles have disappeared and their belly fat has increased during the summer to think about full-fledged exercise. In this regard, the health information site “Active Beatcom” introduced five wrong common sense related to exercise, saying, “Exercise is effective only when you know it properly.”

◆ If you focus on abdominal exercises like crunch, you’ll get six packs.= Many people know that abdominal exercises such as crunch (exercise similar to sit-ups) are of great help in losing belly fat and making abs. However, this is wrong common sense. It is true that crunch or sit-ups strengthen abdominal muscles, but they do not make six-pack.

The reason is that they cannot burn calories or burn fat. More active whole-body exercise than such abdominal center exercise helps burn calories and build muscles. In addition, six-pack is revealed only when abdominal fat is removed. Abdominal strengthening exercise is enough with a plank exercise similar to push-ups.

◆ The treadmill knows the exact amount of calories consumed?=The treadmill (learning machine) that comes out these days provides a variety of information such as heart rate and the amount of calories consumed. However, it is often not perfect when it comes to calculating calories. This is because the amount of calories consumed should take into account various factors such as weight, gender, and age. Therefore, you should not exercise only by looking at the amount of calories consumed on the treadmill.

◆ Everyone becomes like Arnold Schwarzenegger when working out?= Many people, especially women, think that changing from cardiovascular-oriented exercise to muscular exercise will change their muscular body like bodybuilders. Men often think that focusing on weight training will interfere with aerobic exercise.

However, it takes years to build a muscular body like you think and sometimes you get help from supplements. What is clear is that aerobic and muscular exercises should be combined in harmony. Two exercises must be done together to best eliminate fat and create a slim body without fat.

◆ You have to spend more time at the gym to build a better body?=The key to good exercise is to maintain exercise intensity and improve heart rate. If you spend a lot of time chatting with your friends at a gym or gym, you can never burn calories and expect positive effects. You don’t have to spend a lot of time at the gym or gym.

Experts recommend high intensity interval training (HIIT) as it can maximize the exercise effect in a short time. This training refers to performing low and medium-intensity spacing exercises and high-intensity spacing exercises in parallel. This training can be applied in a variety of ways, from running to weight training, as long as you know the principles properly, and it is very effective in losing weight by burning a lot of calories in a short time. However, it is better to consult a doctor in advance to see if you can handle such training.

◆ Pain is effective?= Pain is a sign of the body saying something is wrong. Muscle pain that you feel after exercising vigorously can be okay. However, you should not feel much pain while exercising. If you ignore this and continue exercising, you can get serious injuries. It is necessary to check whether there are any problems with exercise posture or method through consultation with experts such as professional trainers.

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