Safety rules and manners for camping.

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It’s hard to reserve a camping site.

The number of people enjoying outdoor camping has increased.

I throw away trash on my own.

It’s not fair to use electricity secretly.

It’s a song that harms individuals through actions.

It is said that the number of cases is also increasing.

You can park your caravan in the public parking lot for a long time.

In the case of taking up 3 or 4 parking spaces,

Because of the fact that we play hard to get on the beach with tents…

The number of campers is gradually decreasing.

Because of that, I’m considerate of others and nature.

I hope you enjoy a fair camping trip without leaving a trace.

There are a lot of exercises that I have to do.

So, today, for CAMRINES,

The right safety rules for camping.

I’m going to learn about manners.

Camping Manners 1 – Clean Camping.

I’ll bring the trash back and take care of it.

If it’s hard to bring it back,

At least buy a garbage bag in the area.

It must be discharged separately from the designated place.

There aren’t a lot of garbage disposal facilities at camping sites,

If you don’t take out trash often after cooking,

You make others feel uncomfortable.

It’s an action that pollutes the environment.

Manners 2 – Considerate camping

To prevent noise problems,

You have to be careful.

The biggest complaint at the campsite is…

It’s probably a noise problem.

At a camping site that many people use,

So that the volume doesn’t interfere with the speaker’s

It’s good to play music.

A lot of people use speakers.

I often drink until late at night.

But when I sleep late at night,

It’s better not to make a sound.

And wash the dishes in public restrooms like a sink.

or use the electricity for camping.

You shouldn’t play with fire anywhere else.

Manner 3. – Considerate camping 2.

Recently, a lot of people…

I go camping with my pet.

However, as many people come to the camping site,

The problem at the campsite that can be accompanied.

You should wear a leash to prevent it from happening.

You have to control your children to prevent big accidents.

Because my pet dog digs the soil,

Let’s reorganize it.

You should clean your pet’s urine.

Manners 3 – Yield camping

In the case of car camping in the parking lot,

Check if camping is prohibited.

If possible, I’ll try not to take up more than one car.

It is recommended not to play the game for a long time.

We have a good place. For next weekend, we’ll bring a tent.

You shouldn’t set up a caravan in advance.

I didn’t know when I first went camping or doing outdoor car camping.

I often make mistakes that I can’t do.

Also, there are many cases where it leads to accidents because they don’

For a safe and enjoyable camping trip,

It is also necessary to understand safety rules.

Then, let’s talk about accidents that occur frequently at camping sites

What should we be careful about when camping?

Safety Rule 1. – Tents are flat and ropes are luminous caps!

I put safety first when setting up a tent.

There is no slope and it must be installed higher than flat land.

If the area is low, it’ll be flooded, and the rock wall…

There is a risk of landslides where they are.

And put the entrance in the opposite direction of the wind.

Installation causes less inflow of foreign substances.

When you go to a camping site, on a fixed rope like a tent,

Be careful not to trip over.

Especially at night, it’s hard to see the lines.

Since it’s dangerous, use a luminous strap or cap.

It’s better to fix it.

Safety rules 2. – No over-grill pan allowed.

What you can’t miss out on camping is…

It’s going to be eating right away.

When I go camping, I sometimes drink butane gas.

Burner explosions often occur.

When you install butane gas, make sure to do it properly.

I’ll check if it’s installed before using it.

You have to avoid using the over-grill pan.

I’m going to use a bigger cooking appliance than a fireball.

Don’t connect more than one stove.

Butane gas around the stove or stove.

Keeping courage is also taboo.

If you use an oil stove, it may fall off.

When you sleep, you should firmly fix it and stop it.

Safety Rule 3 – No firearms near the tent.

Tents are made of nylon, cloth, etc. that are easy to burn.

It is mostly made of material.

Because of that, firearm-related products…

You should use it outside the tent or far away.

You have no choice but to use it in a tent.

The heating system should be used to a minimum,

Thick clothes, blankets, blankets, etc.

It is recommended to keep warm.

In the camping site, there’s something related to fire.

You need to be careful. Just in case…

In order to prepare for a fire that you don’t know when,

Fire extinguishers should always be in place.

Safety rules 4 – No electric appliances on rainy days.

If you don’t use electrical appliances on a rainy day,

There could be electric shock accidents.

We need to minimize the use of electrical appliances.

Even if you use it, make sure that the cover is not peeled off.

You must check and use it.

There are several electronic devices in one socket.

Don’t connect it. From the power plug and outlet.

Be careful not to get wet. You can get electrocuted by rainwater.

You have to turn off the electronics.

According to data from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, there are safety accidents during camping.

Because of slipping or falling, physical shock,

Accidents were the most common at 47.7%.

Fire, smoke, overheating, gas-related accidents.

It was followed by 25.6%.

Like this, I just rested comfortably.

If camping is unfortunate due to carelessness,

They say accidents can occur.

The safety rules and manners of camping…

It’s a must-know rule.

For a safe camping trip, let’s

I hope we can all work hard together.

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