Learn golf terms for beginners.

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◆ Golf club-related terms ◆

Golf club: 14 are 1 set drivers, wood, iron, putters. Professional players are prohibited from punishment if they exceed 14.

Driver: Club No. 1 used in tee shots is the longest and has the longest distance.

Wood: A club with wood.

Iron: A golf club with metal heads

· Long Iron – 1, 2, 3 Irons. While the shaft is long and difficult to handle, the distance is long.

· Medium iron: 4, 5, 6 irons

· Short Iron: 7th, 8th, 9th Iron – 7th Iron Changed its use.

The lower the number, the longer the distance.

· Wedge: Iron-floating for an approach is designed to be easy.

· Sandwedge: Irons used mainly for sand bunker shots.

Putter: Club dedicated to short distance rolling

Toe: The end of the club head.

Grip: An operation of gripping a handle or shaft of a club shaft. It is a part wound with leather or rubber.

Loft: An inclination or angle of the club face.

◆ Terms related to the number of strokes ◆

Par: To fit the standard number of strokes

Bogey: Putting a ball in more than the standard number of strokes.

Double bogeys: 2 strokes more than par

Triple bogey: 3 strokes more than par

Quardruple bogey: Four strokes more than par

Double par: It’s often called an onion, and it’s twice as many strokes as green onions.

Buddy: Putting a ball less than the standard number of strokes (-1)

Eagle: Picking up the ball two strokes less than at-bats in one hole (-2)

Albatross: Picking up the ball three strokes less than at-bats in the hole (-3)

Putting the par-5 hole into the hole with two strokes.

Condor: Hole-in with four fewer numbers than waves is rare (-4).

Hole in one: The ball enters the hole with one stroke in the tee ground.

Under par: Less than the prescribed number of strokes.

◆ Terms related to shots ◆

T-up: Hitting the ball on the tee to start the game in each hole of golf.

T-off: The play begins by putting the ball on the pin that supports the ball and hitting it.

T-shot: The first time you play a game in a hole.

Shot: Hitting a ball with a club. Hitting the ball with a putter is called putting.

Green: Where the flagpole and the hole cup are. It is a putting area where grass is cut short and trimmed well.

Put: Hitting the ball into the hole on the green.

On Green: Putting the ball on the green.

Two-on: hitting a shot twice and putting the ball on the green.

Three-on: hitting a shot three times and placing the ball on the green.

Chip Shot: Hitting the ball toward the hole inside and outside the green within 20m.

Pitch shot: A batting method that hits the ball with an iron to raise it high, lands at the target point, and then stops without rolling.

Pitch and run: An approach shot that intentionally makes the ball float lower and roll more.

Approach: A shot of hitting a pin from a close distance.

Running approach: How to approach the hole by rolling the ball far away with an iron with a small loft.

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