Learn golf club terms.

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First, terms for each driver part.

I’ll tell you. ^^

The most basic golf club term.

It’s driver head.

If you look at the bottom of the head,

You can see the weight on it.

The part where the ball is impactful.

Driver face.

It connects the driver’s head and shaft.

This part is called ferral.

The most confusing part of the name of the golf club is…

It’s heel and toe.

When you think about women’s high heels,

I will never forget it.^^

The part connected to the head.

It’s the shaft.

The shaft is based on the gram (g) and the degree of stiffness (intensity.

According to your swing speed and pitch,

You can choose.

Next is the grip.

There are many different types of grip.

Lip grip. Round grip.

Depending on the material, with various grips,

It’s been released.


Next is the name of each iron part.

Let’s take a look.

In the iron face part,

The line that I drew is…

It’s called Groove.

Depending on the groove, there’s a difference in the amount of spin.

At the bottom of the iron.

The wide area is pine.

And there’s a reading edge.

The axis of the shaft and the ground…

The angle we get when we meet is Lai Gak.

And the ball’s trajectory and distance are determined.

There’s a loft angle.

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