Is there any food that prevents constipation?

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1. Prune

Purun “Gunjadu” is famous for its natural constipation medicine because it is rich in dietary fiber.

It has both dietary fiber in it.

Insoluble dietary fiber <Water absorption to form a gel>

Water-soluble dietary fiber <Help in discharging waste from the body>

Also, the pectin in Purun softens the hard stool.

Dissection plays a role.

Sorbitol expands by water and stimulates the intestines.

It induces bowel movements.

2. Kiwi.

Kiwi helps bowel movements, and it’s made of carbohydrates and polyphenols.

It’s effective in preventing colon cancer by balancing microorganisms.

It’s rich in dietary fiber. If you eat it often, it softens your stool.

It helps with the movement of food in the digestive tract after eating.

It helps to reduce the feeling of bloating.

In addition, it has a strong antioxidant effect on triglycerides in the blood,

It helps prevent cardiovascular disease by lowering blood pressure. It also helps strengthen immune function.

3. Apple.

“Pectin” in apples helps relieve constipation symptoms.

Pectin promotes gastric fluid secretion.

It helps digestion and absorption of food and keeps your intestines active regularly.

It’s effective for constipation.

It also creates a protective layer on the wall to prevent the absorption of toxic substances.

It prevents the intestinal abnormalities from fermenting and helps with bowel movements.

4. Cabbage.

Cabbage, which is good for stomach function, is a type of amino acid.

It’s full of “glutamine”.

Thanks to glutamine, it helps to grow and regenerate gastrointestinal cells.

I heard it’s helpful.

Cabbage, dietary fiber and vitamin U. K, too.

It has a lot of ingredients.

It helps with bowel movements, intestinal inflammation, and skin trouble.

5. Sweet potatoes.

The rich vegetative dietary fiber of sweet potatoes moves around the intestines.

It helps with constipation.

Especially when you cut raw sweet potatoes.

White liquid – Yalaffin ingredients

It helps to relieve constipation and prevent colorectal cancer.

Also, it’s rich in vitamin B1, so it contains dietary fiber in sweet potatoes,

It creates a synergy effect on bowel movements.

and helps them actively.

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