How to relieve chronic indigestion.

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Have you ever had a hard time digesting?

Or have you ever seen people around you having a hard time?

indigestion is one of the common symptoms that modern people experience.

In fact, one in four adults suffers from indigestion.

Then, what causes indigestion?

Causes of indigestion.

For indigestion, certain parts of our body

I can’t say I woke up because it’s broken.

If your stomach function is deteriorated,

If you have problems with your liver, pancreas, and other organs,

It can appear when the digestive system is inherently weak.

So for those who are suffering from indigestion,

I’ll tell you about foods that help you digest well!

Food that helps you digest.

1. Plum juice.

Plum juice is rich in pycric acid.

Remove harmful bacteria from the digestive system.

Especially the symptoms of stomachache caused by food poisoning.

It’s effective in improving it.

Plum juice is sour because of catechin acid.

It controls the secretion of gastric fluid.

It produces proper gastric acid.

So, if you have a stomachache due to excessive stomach acid,

If you can’t digest due to lack of stomach acid,

It helps everyone.

2. Beans.

It’s rich in protein.

For those who eat vegetarian meals, beans that are good…

It enhances the activity of bacteria that are rich in fiber and healthy.

It helps digestion and enhances immune system function.

In oriental medicine, beans have gastrointestinal fever

It removes toxins and clears blood.

3. Ginger.

Next is ginger.

Ginger is one of the foods I’m introducing today.

It’s the food that helps digestion the most!

Diastases and proteases in ginger

It stimulates the secretion of digestive fluid.

It promotes bowel movement.

It treats nausea and diarrhea.

Gingerol and Shogaall, which are spicy ingredients of ginger,

There are many pathogenic bacteria, especially typhus.

It has a strong sterilization effect on cholera bacteria.

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