How to correct your body shape by walking and climbing stairs.

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Walking to shape your body, climbing stairs/Position

It’s walking while moving the fascia.

The fascia is a membrane that covers the muscles.

It plays a very important role in changing our body shape.

The wrong posture and lifestyle twist the fascia.

If you walk while relaxing,

You can meet the body shape where the line has revived.

How can I make a pretty body shape?

Shall we find out how to walk together?

[Flat ground]


Shrug your shoulders and wave your arms.​


Walk with a wider footstep.​

(Move your waist left and right, too.)

I’m going to make a pretty and right body.

It’s a real walking exercise!

Shall we get started?

1. Shrug your shoulders and shake your arm bones.

The fascia, which starts from the arm bone, is in contact with the neck, shoulder, collarbone, and chest line.

If you shake your arm bone,

The upper fascia from the neck to the chest line relaxes.

2. Walk with your feet wide.

If you walk with your feet wide,

Leg bones, tail bones, heels…

You can see the effect of correcting it.

3. At the same time, like twisting your waist, left and right.

It’s important to return it.

The fascia of the waist is also connected to the elbow.

If you turn your elbows and turn your waist around,

It’s located right below the ribs.

The fat on the side of the waist is straightened out.

You can complete a slim upper body line.

Like this, the movement of walking while shaking the upper and lower bodies left, right, back, and forth

It’s an exercise that relaxes the fascia of the whole body.

It can be very effective in helping correct the entire body shape.

If you do this walking exercise before and after other correction exercises, you can get better correction effects.



Lift your heel a little bit.


You only climb up by stepping on the front of your feet.

(Speed up!)

Climbing stairs is essential for walking in the mountains.

It’s good for your body shape.

The right way to climb stairs.

Shall we find out together?

There are people who need a lot of strength to climb the stairs.

The reason is that when you climb the stairs, you step all over your feet.

When you step on the stairs, your body feels heavier.

It also slows down and consumes more physical strength.

1. Lift your heel a little bit.

The heel is connected to the pelvis.

If your pelvis is broken,

People say that your entire body shape will be ruined.

Hips are in our body type.

It’s a very important part.

If you go up the stairs with your heel connected to your pelvis,

It also has a good effect on the pelvis.

2. Step on the front of your feet and go up quickly.

With your heels up, just step on the front of your feet.

Climbing stairs consumes much less physical strength.

However, the exercise effect does not decrease.

If you go up the stairs in this position,

It has the effect of making the right body shape.

Reduce physical exhaustion and take care of your body shape.

The right way to climb stairs!

Do you get it now?

Today, we learned about the right walking exercises and how to climb stairs to complete a pretty and correct body shape.

This weekend, like this…

With proper walking exercises and climbing stairs,

How about making a healthy body shape?

I’m rooting for your right body shape.^^

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