Habits and methods that are good for constipation.

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I drink water often.

Constipation patients are advised to drink 8-10 cups of water a day if drinking a cup of lukewarm water on an empty stomach as soon as they wake up in the morning helps. It is recommended to drink lukewarm water, green tea, round tea, etc., and avoid carbonated drinks that make intestinal gas, coffee with strong diuretic effects, and black tea that release moisture from the body.

I walk whenever I have time.

Walking and running is the best aerobic exercise to promote bowel movement. Therefore, if you walk whenever you have time, it will help you solve constipation. Especially for students or office workers who sit for a long time, they often get up, stretch, take a light walk, etc., and move their bodies steadily.

Fermented foods, vegetables, and fruits are helpful.

Fermented foods such as cheonggukjang, soybean paste, soy sauce, and kimchi increase bacteria that are good for the large intestine to help with recovery. Rather than eating a large amount at a time, it is better to eat an appropriate amount every day. However, since the salt content may be high, eat it as a low-salt meal or cook vegetables, seaweed, and tofu rich in dietary fiber together. Eating cabbage, celery, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, and multigrain rice is also effective.

I don’t sit in the toilet for a long time.

The longer you sit in the toilet, the more insensitive your intestines become, so you need to reduce your bowel time. Therefore, it is better to get up from your seat if it exceeds 5 minutes. Especially… It’s not good for constipation to go to the bathroom with a newspaper or smartphone.

Excessive dieting is prohibited.

Excessive diet that destroys nutrient balance worsens colon and anal regulation, causing or worsening constipation. Therefore, if you regularly combine diet such as fruits and vegetables, potatoes and sweet potato brown rice, which are full of moisture, and pre-eating exercises such as walking, jogging, and swimming, you can relieve constipation and gain diet effects.

Regular meals are important.

Three regular meals a day are important for bowel movements. Food should be sent to the intestine with a constant rhythm every day to promote digestive activities in order to make the intestinal peristalsis active. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner three times at regular times every day, and I get into the habit of eating a lot of breakfast and lunch and a little less dinner. You must eat breakfast. If you put food in the empty stomach all night, it stimulates the stomach and intestines and causes rapid peristalsis, making it easy to recover.

Even if you’re bloated, you don’t reduce the amount you eat.

Constipation often reduces food intake due to bloated stomach and unpleasant abdominal bloating, which is worse for constipation. In the case of people whose large intestine mobility is reduced due to constipation or other disorders, the amount of food that the large intestine pushes should be increased to work harder. It is helpful to increase the intake of fiber-rich vegetables and low-calorie seaweed.

I work out my abs consistently.

If the bowel movement is slow, constipation may occur due to a lack of force to push the stool. Abs can help if you don’t push the stool well due to weak strength. If you continue to exercise your abs, your intestines will be stimulated, which will boost your peristalsis and facilitate bowel movements. It is effective to frequently do abdominal breathing, which stimulates the stomach.

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