Good manners when you travel to Japan.

Hot spring bath manners Japan.

There are several things to keep in mind when visiting Japanese ryokan and hot springs. First of all, like Korean baths, Japanese hot springs must wash their bodies clean in advance before entering the hot spring bath. When entering a hot spring, tie your hair neatly with a hair tie so that it does not touch the water. Some hot springs are equipped with shower caps and hair rubber bands. Also, it is not polite for a towel that was taken to cover the body to touch the body. Cover it slightly and go in, but place it outside so that it does not touch the water.

해외 택배조회

Osaka is the opposite!

In Japan, left-hand traffic?

Usually, Japan is a left-hand traffic culture. So when you ride the escalator, leave the right side empty so that people can pass by, but Osaka is the opposite! Like Korea, there is a right-hand traffic culture, so the left side is empty. If you’re confused, don’t take the lead and follow the person in front of you.

A 50,000 yen fine for street smoking!

Smoking is only available in smoking areas.

In Japan, smoking is only possible in designated smoking areas. The fact that smoking while walking on the street will result in a high fine of about 50,000 yen (about 500,000 won)! Even foreigners who do not know Japanese laws cannot avoid smoking, so let’s make sure to smoke only in designated places.

Don’t close or open it yourself.

Japanese taxis have automatic doors!

Everyone must have a memory of being amazed and embarrassed when they took a taxi in Japan and the door automatically closed. But it’s an automatic door that opens! The driver himself opens and closes it, so you don’t have to touch the door.

Bicycles are also transportation!

Bicycle = car.

In Japan, bicycles are considered transportation like cars, so bicycles have license plates! Therefore, like a car, riding a bicycle after drinking should not be done, and it is also illegal to talk on the phone while riding a bicycle. If you plan to rent a bicycle and travel to a travel destination, please remember.

The left side is up! The right side is covered!

Yukata, go to the left!

One thing I’m always confused about in the ryokan. Which side is the front for Yukata? The answer is left. Japan = left-hand traffic. Let’s think of this culture so that the left side of Yukata goes up. The fact that the left side should be worn in a way that covers the right side, and the opposite side is ominous.

Left hand for rice bowl and right hand for chopsticks.

Japanese food culture.

Japanese dining culture that anyone who has seen Japanese at least once can know. Hold a bowl of rice in your hand and eat as if you are drinking it with chopsticks. At this time, you should keep the rice bowl in your left hand and chopsticks in your right hand! In addition, it is common to drink soup served together at meals without using a spoon.Hot spring bath manners.

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