Golf manners. How to become a good golf partner. 2

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In the next fairway, the principle is that the person behind you hits first, but due to the nature of the golf course in Korea and the revised rules, it is also possible for the prepared person to tee first or take a second shot.

If the green is empty as shown in the picture on the left above, I think golf manners are to do a good tee shot and take a second shot first even if you are in the front.

Even if you don’t do it first, playing slow every time can be a bigger problem.

If your partner is a slow player in a business relationship, it is recommended that the person in the relationship of B move quickly to reduce the overall time.

Unlike Southeast Asia, Korea has one caddy, so you can allocate it almost for him and move quickly.

Of course, in order to do that, you need to have good golf skills. Isn’t that why Eul is always hard?

You may ask if there is a relationship in golf courses, but isn’t it only possible in your 20s to have a relationship where you only play golf purely…?

I’ve seen a lot of people play slowly because they’re taking selfies like me, especially on Instagram in real time.

I think it will be more beautiful to be a golfer who thinks about how to take the next shot before showing off his tee shot and golf fashion to others.

Especially in the case of the above, who should take the shot first? The person on the right will go first.

However, if the player on the right ball is still walking on the fairway, it is also a good golf manners to go first as soon as the player on the left ball is ready.

Regardless of the relationship, I think he’s already a good golfer just to be considerate of his opponent so that he can play enough.

If you want to be remembered as a cool golfer, be considerate of your opponent. Then you will definitely be remembered as a good golfer.

Even in business and relationships, this kind of play can make things favorable to you, right?

In addition, after taking a shot on a fairway or rough, a divot, also known as a taejang, occurs and the grass falls off the ground.

At this time, it’s good to pick up the fallen grass and fill it in your divot.

Of course, you may think that this should be done at the golf course, but isn’t it manners?

Whoever makes the divot is the player, and if it’s a situation where the player can tie it up again, it’s right to tie it up, right?

The same goes for bunkers. It’s up to the player to take a bunker shot in the bunker and then organize the bunkers.

If you have a single caddie like in Southeast Asia, you don’t have to worry, but it’s hard to do that in places like Korea where there’s only one caddie.

It’s not just a matter of caddie, but I hope you think of it as a concept that I devote my caddie’s time to other partners by organizing bunkers.

In the end, if you think of it as a consideration for your companion, you would be a golfer who shows good golf manners, right?

The worst behavior on the golf course is to threaten others, despite the fact that there is a team in front of the green like this,

The act of taking a shot with the green, or even if the front team is holed out, the act of taking a shot even though it didn’t completely get out of the green…

I think it’s common sense to always put safety first and make golf swings and shots.

No matter how slow the previous team is playing, this is something to be solved through Marshall, not yourself.

I think it’s enough to keep the common sense of golf manners.

Green is the same as T-box. It’s a good idea to stand as quietly as possible and out of reach of your putting companion.

In particular, there are many people standing behind the player to see him putting, but it often bothers me because he looks at it with his eyes when putting.

If you have to play golf to entertain a good companion or an important business relationship, stay where his eyes don’t stay unconditionally.

You’ll probably hear that you’re a good companion even if you stay still, and after putting, you start talking while walking to the cart together.

If you’re learning skills, I think you’re at least a single player.

If you’re an introductory person or just starting, try golf manners first like a single player. A very comfortable golf life will wait.

Lastly, don’t beg for the concid when the ball doesn’t go in and is at the concid distance after putting.

When a companion shouts concid or okay, you can receive it by saying thank you, and if you don’t shout concid, you can just put it in.

It’s not even possible to beg, but it’s golf that follows the rules.

Then, I hope you will be armed with great manners and enjoy a lot of good autumn golf.

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