Golf manners. How to become a good golf partner. 1

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Golf is a fight against oneself, but it’s not a game you play alone, so you always play it with someone.

They say that the person they play with is a companion, and depending on the companion, it can be a fun game or ruin the day.

So it’s important to keep good manners, and I’d like to talk about what should be especially careful about golf manners.

People who start new golf or beginners in golf may arrive at the golf course with excitement at dawn and make mistakes with excitement, but I think it will be helpful to read it because you may unintentionally make mistakes to your golf partner.

Most mistakes occur in places where people are gathered, and there are many things that require manners in tea boxes and green.

This is because they are scattered on the fairway because they hit their own balls in different places.

So if you’re in business, I think putting on the green and hole out is a good time to do business.

It would be good to do that while reading the room. Wouldn’t it be different to finish with a double bogey and feel like a hole out with a birdie?

So if it’s not just for playing golf purely, it’s a good idea to look at the situation and talk about other purposes.

If I talk about business from the second hole, where I have to hit a driver with a lot of tension, there will be no companion to like, right?

First of all, in the tea box, once your companion is preparing for a tee shot, it is the most important golf manners to be quiet.

Even if you put the ball in front of the tea box, also known as the navel, whether you pay with a penalty after hitting the ball or give it a warning,

I don’t think it’s a good manner to talk to someone who went in to address.

Second, only players who tee-shot can go up to the original tea box. When your companion goes up and stands in a tea box,

In particular, it is recommended to be careful because it can be very rude to be in the direction of the tee-shot player’s field of view.

The official term is Fore, but the Korean golf course generally uses the term ball if a companion’s tee shot has to slice or hook and inform people in other holes that they have to pay attention to.

Is good golf manners to play this ball or just be quiet? Officially, it’s good manners to do it,

If you’re a senior or in a situation where you have to entertain, it’s a good idea to play the ball with your senses. I was already mad because the ball went out, but if I just hit the ball,

This is because your companion can be offended, and business relationships can worsen.

Of course, if you’re friends, it’s good to shout out your cheeks.

One thing you misunderstand is that it’s not good to evaluate the quality of a companion. Even if a slice occurs, pointing out that it’s a slice

It would be good to know that it is not a good manner.

You just have to look silently and shout good shots only if it’s really a good shot, but in this case, if the ball goes about 4/5 or if it’s almost a good shot, shout it out only if it’s a good shot.

Since you don’t know where the ball will go and fall, shouting a good shot as soon as you hit it can cause misunderstanding.

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