Three types of men’s back exercise.

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If you’re a man, you’ll probably be able to see the vast, reliable, and big ocean.

You might want to have back muscles. Through men’s back exercises,

You can make a wide back. Killing two birds with one stone with your shoulders.

You can see the effect of widening. Three things today.

I’ll introduce you to the types of back exercises, so I recommend you to follow them.

If you develop your back, you’ll be able to have a great body.

You can make it, but your back muscles play a role in supporting your body.

I’m doing it and it’s very related to core muscles.

It’s also good for health care because it’

If you strengthen your back through men’s back exercises, your back,

and neck disc, round shoulder, turtle neck, etc.

For rehabilitation purposes such as treatment, prevention, and correction,

It is said to be very important because it can be done. So, a man.

It’s an exercise that widens your back to protect your health and attractive…

How about making the back too?

Here are three types of men’s back exercises.

Now, I’m going to show you three types of back exercises that I prepared.

I’ll tell you.

1. Ratpool down.

Through full-body back exercise, both the lower and upper parts of the back…

It’s a stimulating exercise.

If I were to give you a tip on how to exercise your back, the bar grip…

Depending on how you grab it, the stimulation point can be different.

It’s this. When you work out with both hands at the ends of your grip,

The outer latissimus dorsi muscle has a higher rate of motion, so the frame…

It’s very effective in expanding it.

If you do it shoulder-width, then inside.

It can stimulate the latissimus dorsal muscles, that is, the back muscles inside the wingbone.

How to work out.

Hold both ends of the grip that fits each direction.

You have to do this to stimulate the upper and lower back.

You can make an ideal posture.

Put your upper body back or stand in a straight line.

That’s important. If you lie down too much while hosting the show,

The grip is pulled diagonally. The forearm muscles are very tense.

Please be careful about this part because it can go in.

When you lower the bar, hold the bar and pull it.

If you straighten your collarbone in a straight line,

You can. Sometimes you pull the bar down near your solar plexus.

There are people, but in this case, your arms and shoulders are stressed out.

Please be careful because there is no back exercise effect at all because you receive a lot.

When you contract, don’t let your elbows go back.

Please let it touch the side.

Something to watch out for)

Not the back of your elbows, but the sides.

Please let me touch it.

When you lower the bar, until it touches your belly button, you go too far.

Please don’t lower it.

You pull your upper body diagonally in a position where you lie down.

Instead, you have to pull it straight.

To prevent shoulder injuries, the scapula, or wingbone,

Please go down and proceed.

2. City Road.

The next type of back exercise I’m going to show you is the middle of the trapezius

And it’s a movement to develop the lower, light abdominal and rear triangular muscles.

The back muscles occupy the largest range of the upper body,

Along with the thighs, it accounts for 70% of our body.

It’s called large muscles. If you train your muscles,

You can improve your metabolism and get posture correction effects.

If your back bends, not only your shoulders, but also your chest and teeth.

The connecting muscles become shorter, and the turtle neck and bent…

You will have shrimp back phenomenon. Men’s back exercises.

If you develop your back through it, you can straighten your back.

For students and office workers who have been sitting for a long time,

It’s an exercise that I want to recommend.

How to work out.

The height of the chair is to the solar plexus according to your sitting height.

Adjust it so that it is fixed. Fix your feet to the support.

When you pull your arm, don’t pull it with your hand.

Pull your elbows straight as if you are sending it back.

At this time, be careful so that your elbows don’

Spread your chest wide and contract your latissimus dorsal muscles.

Pull it all the way and turn your chest upside down.

You have to open it with your feeling to stimulate it well. until the end

Pull it and hold out your upper body until the end.

Go back to your original position so that you don’t bend your back.

Straighten it out and turn slowly. I’m exhausted.

You can’t let it go.

Note) If your arms are more than your back after exercising,

If it hurts, you can pull with your arm strength.

Lower it. Get used to the right posture first and then put strength in your hands.

After loosening it, move it like you’re using your back strength.

You have to proceed.

3. Vent over barbellows.

The last type of back exercise I’m going to introduce is the upper part of the back.

It’s a barbellow that makes it wide and thick. The guys…

You do a lot of back exercises.

Ventover refers to a position that is tilted forward.

Do it. It’s not a posture where your back is bent down.

Like the deadlift, make your upper body stand in a straight line.

It refers to a position where the upper body is bent while maintaining it.

The reason you lower your upper body is because you have to lift the weight of the dumbbell or barbell.

The weight direction of the back muscles that you want to train.

It’s to give resistance. This guy’s back workout.

Representative stimulation areas are the latissimus dorsi and spinal upright muscles.

It’s hamstring. In addition, Seungmogeun, Neunghyeonggeun, Sowongeun,

It stimulates various back muscles such as Daewon muscle and rear triangular muscle.

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