The path of the kitchen.

‘ ㅡ ‘ molded kitchen.

‘- ‘ For the situation of the molded kitchens.
(10 square meters to 30 square meters)
It is primarily conveyed.
Typical development.
1. Take out fixings from the refrigerator.
2. Cleaning the fixings.
3. Cooking.
4. Warming.
It is planned regarding the request.
It alludes to the state of workstations organized in succession and is a compelling construction for kitchens planned in a limited region.
The burden is that it is a development that alternates between the different sides, so as the work rehashes, weariness can aggregate as the development covers and stretches.

‘ㄱ’shaped kitchen.

The “ㄱ” molded kitchen…
One might say that it is the most circulated kitchen in Korea’s home construction.
It’s a L-molded kitchen with a workbench put on two dividers.
Or then again…
The “ㄴ” kitchen.
It’s likewise called this.
The ice between the workbench is short.
The general way is short.
Expanding work productivity is a design.
A sink, a warmer, and a cooler.
By developing a three-sided way,
The impact of diminishing the power in the verses…
It’s likewise the design that you can partake in the most.
More than anything, the table…
When put in the kitchen,
It’s generally attractive. In a little kitchen,
It tends to be supposed to be the most effective arrangement.

‘ ㄷ’ formed kitchen.

This design was as of late fabricated.
From mid to late 30 pyeong to around 60 pyeong,
On numerous pyeongs,
It’s an appropriated kitchen structure.
Rather than the three-sided development of the “A” molded kitchen,
It is building a structure in which the movement distance is abbreviated, and the aggregate level of weariness as needs be is likewise amassed.
It’s a lot more modest construction.
The distance between the two equal workstations is…
1m to 1.5m is suitable.
The new pattern is the lounge room kitchen.
It additionally fits the plan.
Many individuals are changing their kitchens.
It’s additionally a wannabe kitchen.

“Ireland.” Your kitchen.

Autonomous Irish kitchens are typically huge harmony water.
In lofts, manors, houses, and so on
It’s a design that shows up.
Right away, it seems to be like the “C” kitchen,
The autonomous area of Ireland,
As the region of the actual island gets greater,
I’ll utilize a more excellent and more loosened up workbench,
It is utilized for an assortment of purposes more than that.
It’s likewise powerful.
It’s a construction with a work way.
Now and then, it’s displayed on TV.
The kitchens of renowned superstars…
Something you can experience when you enter.
This is the kitchen.
(Since I’m on TV doesn’t mean it’s costly or anything) ^^)
Like the “C”- molded kitchen,
I will chip away at a cooking light and utilize a wide workbench.
The way that you can take a gander at the front room,
I will give a major marit to the client.
It’s a kitchen structure that causes you to feel it.

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