Luxury golf carts around the world

Luxury golf carts around the world armed with great options that make most sedans go away.
Luxury golf cart with super luxury options, Garia Super Sports

Super sports is the most expensive model in Garia, a luxury cart manufacturer. The price is 65,000 euros (about 86 million won), which is more expensive than most high-end imported sedans. Uniquely designed lounge-style seats are designed for the comfort and safety of passengers and are also equipped with seat belts. In addition, a 10.1-inch Bluetooth touch screen is installed and there is a refrigerator in front of the vehicle, so you can always enjoy pleasant temperatures of food and beverages during the round. ▶ 65,000 euros.
Fenweek Brooklyn, a golf car with luxurious sedan comfort.

Penweek is a company that manufactures custom golf carts modeled on world-class cars, and Hollywood actors Will Smith and Adam Sandler also have the company’s products. Among them, Brooklyn is a golf cart inspired by the world-class sedan Bentley. Like the actual Bentley, natural leather seats applied to all seats help move comfortably as if sitting in a luxury sedan. A tilt steering function that can adjust the steering wheel up and down and a high-quality alpine stereo can be selected as options. ▶ The price is 16,500 dollars.
Armed with powerful output and convenience, ACG Cadillac Escalade.

The Cadillac Escalade, produced by American electric car company ACG, is a golf cart inspired by a vehicle of the same name. The high-power 17.5 peak horsepower motor boasts a powerful output enough to run at a speed of 40 km/h even with four people on board. In addition, an on-board 12V converter capable of fast charging such as a smart device or a laptop computer while driving is provided. Like actual cars, it is equipped with standard headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and horns, and is equipped with a standard four-wheel braking system that uses front wheels hydraulic disc brakes to help safe driving. ▶ The price is 13,500 dollars.
Hummer H series, MEV Hummer HXT, back with electric cars.

Hummer, manufactured based on the technology of U.S. military vehicles, scrapped the brand in 2010 due to worsening profitability despite enthusiastic support from enthusiasts. However, MEV, a U.S. electric vehicle manufacturer, purchased Hummer’s small electric vehicle manufacturing rights and is now available as a golf cart through MEV. MEV Hummer HXT is a vehicle made with the motif of the existing H series and has a very high design quality that makes you think it is an actual Hummer vehicle. Louver grills, customized wheels, and door sills, as well as trunk saws, door hinges, windshield surroundings, and injection-molded LED lights, are manufactured the same as conventional Hummer vehicles. ▶ The price is more than $19,000 dollars.
A golf cart that resembles a famous Rolls-Royce Phantom, a luxury cart royal limousine.

The royal limousine produced by Luxury Cart, a customized golf cart company, resembles Rolls-Royce Phantom, but is not made by Rolls-Royce. However, the headlights, grills, and classical two-tone colors such as Rolls-Royce have the luxury of being felt in vehicles of the same name. In addition, all six seats consist of natural leather seats and are equipped with a 15-inch wheel and alpine sound system, giving you the experience of sitting in a high-end sedan. ▶ The price is over 25,449 dollars.

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