Difference in behavior between rich and poor.

I selected 10 key habits related to the behavior of the poor and organized them.
① The poor treat money however they want.
② The poor do not tidy up well.
③ The poor react sensitively to the evaluation of others.
④ The poor leave their health care to the hospital.
⑤ The poor enjoy eating out.
⑥ The poor spend money generously on hobbies.
⑦ The poor prefer the cheap one.
⑧ The poor are chased by the appointment time.
⑨ The poor set a large goal and give up in the middle.
⑩ The poor are dominated by SNS and are more enthusiastic about politics, entertainment, and sports than economic articles.

There is something that people misunderstand. I think the answer to a problem must be in it. Of course, in the case of a simple problem, there are cases where the answer is in that problem. However, the real answer to a complex world problem is on the other side of the problem.
The lesson from my experience is that it is highly likely that the solution to a problem will not lie in the problem itself. Just as the cause of high blood pressure is not in the hypertension itself and the cause of diabetes is not in the diabetes itself. And the real solution to a problem is often on the opposite side, as in my case.
The solution of ‘many’ is ‘little’, the answer of ‘little’ is ‘many’, the answer to the right is to the left, and the answer to the left is to the right. I think the reason for this result is that the problem approaching us is disguised.

Now, let’s approach solving the problems of the poor’s trivial behavioral habits with these standards. In order to change the foolish behavior of the poor, it is wiser to find problems in the behavior of the rich on the other side rather than in the behavior of the poor themselves. This is because there is a hidden real answer to the behavior habits of the poor in the behavior habits of the rich.
① The rich treat money precious.
② The rich are good at organizing things.
③ The rich pay more attention to their own evaluation.
④ The rich take care of their health in advance.
⑤ The rich care about eating out.
⑥ Rich people save money for hobbies to satisfy their desires.
⑦ The rich do not prefer cheap ones but prefer valuable ones.
⑧ The rich go leisurely on appointment time.
⑨ The rich set goals small and must achieve them.
⑩ The rich dominate SNS and focus on economic articles.

The poor and ordinary people will spend a lot of money to satisfy their desires and will no longer try to work. Then what will happen to our society? Money never tries to flow into the poor.

Then, what if it flows into the rich? In this case, at least it will not be used in vain to satisfy the desire, and it is safe because it will not reduce the number of people working.

So money tries to flow into the rich by giving them endless greed for money. Of course, the moment the rich man is no longer greedy for money and tries to spend it for his own desires, the money will move back to another place. For this reason, endless longing for money is one of the important qualities of the rich.

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