16 manuals to attract wealth.

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If you want to be rich,

If you want to be rich,

Fill your bones with a rich mind.

Thoughts give rise to emotions,

Emotions give rise to actions,

Actions produce results.

If you think and act like rich people,

You can also produce the results of the rich.

The 16 manuals for becoming rich introduced by the author are not special, but not everyone can accept and practice them. It’s simple, but you have to get out of comfort to practice it. If you’ve been lying on the sofa in comfortable training clothes so far and watching TV, now you have to sit straight and read books in neat clothes.

The 16 manuals are easy to understand with the head, but it is not easy to change your mind and act with your body.

If it was easy, everyone would be rich and enjoy a rich and rich life.

The most difficult but easiest thing to win in the world may be myself. It is almost impossible to change spouses, children, friends, and parents as I want. However, I only need to change the existence of me. And I can change it as much as I want if I want.

16 manuals to attract wealth.

1. I make the wealth of my life.

You are the one who leads you to success. Those who make you the middle class, those who make you live struggling with money day by day, whether consciously or unconsciously, are you anyway.

2. Rich people aim to be rich.

You won’t be rich if your economic goal is at a comfortable level. However, if the rich are their goals, they will be extremely comfortable. “If you shoot at the star, you can at least hit the moon.”

3. Only those who dream and devote themselves to wealth become rich.

No matter how long it takes, I do whatever I have to do. Fight like a warrior. There is no excuse. There is no “if,” no “but,” or “maybe.” Failure is not considered. Like warriors fighting, they are determined to become rich or die while fighting.

4. People who think big achieve big things.

To be rich in a true sense, you must be able to add value to the lives of others, not alone.

5. Acting is better than not acting.

Everything valuable, including luck, is that you don’t come unless you act. To be economically successful, you have to buy something or start something.

You can make the best preparations, take action, and then go through corrections as soon as possible.

Ready → launch → aim

6. Positively say wealth.

Instead of cursing the rich, train to admire them. Bless the rich and train to love them. When it becomes unconscious, you can be sure that others will admire, bless, and love you when you become rich.

7. Get close to people with positive energy.

The easiest and fastest way to become rich

: It is to learn how rich people play games that are excellent in money games. You can learn from their internal and external strategies.

If you want to touch a millionaire, be a millionaire and touch yourself.

8. You have to show yourself and your value.

In reality, when it comes to business and money, no one recognizes you unless you boast about yourself. Rich people eagerly promote their values to those they meet and to those they trade with.

If you believe what you provide is really beneficial to people, it is your duty to inform as many people as possible. Not only can you help many people by doing so, but you become rich.

9. No matter what difficulties you face, be stronger than that.

If you want this situation to change forever, don’t look at the size of the problem, look at your size.

The reason why the rich are greater than the difficulties they face is that they do not focus on the problem. They focus on their goals.

Successful rich people find a solution. Find the answers to the problems raised, devise strategies, make plans, and devote time and energy to operating the system to prevent the recurrence of such problems.

10. I’m a person worth enough to receive.

The rich believe that it is reasonable to work hard and be rewarded as much as effort. Even poor people work hard, but they don’t believe in their own values, so I think it’s inappropriate to be properly compensated for their efforts.

11. Get compensation based on results, not time.

“You can never be rich with a salary from someone else. If you’re going to get a job, ask them to take off a percentage of their profits. Or do your own business.”

The rich want compensation, and the poor want guarantees.

12. You can have both.

Money is lubricant. Money brings freedom. It allows me to have or do what I want when I want. Money allows you to enjoy the good things in life and gives you a chance to help people in need. You don’t have to waste your energy worrying about a problem without money.

True rich people try to have both. There must be both money and happiness.

Let’s be kind, generous, and friendly, and rich with a lot of money!

Let’s be a kind, generous, friendly mother with a lot of money!

13. The true wealth measure is net worth.

Net assets are the monetary value of everything you own that can be cashed in when necessary.

Conditions for increasing net assets

Income (earned income, non-earned income) → savings → investment (rich people spend time and effort learning how to manage funds and invest)

*Simplified: An ambush that determines the success or failure of wealth, pursuing a lifestyle of living with little money.

To become a millionaire, you have to focus on increasing your net assets. Practice knowing your net assets up to the unit of change. If you check your net assets every three months, your net assets will increase according to the universe’s principle that you will focus on them and your focus will increase. There is supposed to be a lot you pursue.

14. Make a habit of managing and investing in small amounts of money first.

Before managing large amounts of money, you must learn the habits and skills of managing small amounts of money first. We are animals of habit. Remember, the habit of managing money is more important than the amount of money!

Making a bankbook with economic freedom.

-Whenever I get a dollar, I save 1 cent (10%).

p.s. Inactive income is used only to purchase or invest! Never use it for consumer spending!

Create and manage 5 bank accounts.

1. Playbook (10): Write on things you haven’t usually done, and write without leaving any leftovers.

2. Long-term consumption bankbook (10);

3. Education account (10).

4. Living expenses bankbook (50).

5. Sharing bankbook (10).

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15. Let money work for me.

* You can’t be free without inactive income!

Choose or change your business or job in a way that makes inactive income relatively easy and natural!

Breakthroughs that can lead to inactive income.

1. Money I work for: stocks, bonds, government bonds, financial markets, mutual funds, index funds, etc.

2. Businesses that work for me: real estate rental, book & record, copyright fees for software, specialized ideas, franchise business, etc.

Buy real estate!

Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait!

Money is…

It’s a seed that allows rich people to increase their assets by $1 each,

For the poor, it is simply a means of exchanging for something.

I think of my money as an investment corps. The mission of the corps is freedom. Would you carelessly deal with fighters for my freedom? That’s not the case at all. It’s not easy to use quickly.

Knowledge is power. Learn about investment. Learn a variety of investment tools and economic tools. Learn overall, including real estate, mortgages, stocks, funds, bonds, and exchange taxes. You need to know the flow and opportunity of money. Research enough to become an expert in a field and then start investing in it.

16. Start acting despite your fear.

You have to act. Even if you are afraid, scared, don’t want to do it, or uncomfortable, you have to endure it and act. If you only think, study, and do not take any action, your thoughts remain delusional, and what you studied remains only knowledge in your head. Even if it’s a very small action that makes a very small change, doing it and not doing it may be a small difference at first, but eventually it piles up and makes a big difference.

If you really want to succeed, you have to act!

“The way to become rich is not comfortable. It is not easy to become rich. Actually, it can be crazy hard. But, what do you mean by that? If you try to do only easy things, your life will be difficult, and if you are willing to do hard things, your life will be easy. Rich people don’t look for easy and comfortable behavior. That’s only true for the poor.”

Why do you want to be rich? To make it comfortable. I want to be comfortable when it comes to money. I want to be relaxed. It’s because I want to find my whole time. I want to expand my comfort zone. I want to change this narrow area where I am squatting down to a very wide area where I can roll a few times with my whole body. Let’s get up right away and do something that can widen the ground before we get used to squat!

Comfort is a traitor. If comfort is your goal in life,

First, you can never be rich.

Second, you will never be happy.

If you make comfort a goal of your life and enjoy comfort to the fullest now, you will eventually face an ironic situation in which you will eventually become physically and mentally uncomfortable.

Training is important because we are animals of habit.

I act when I’m afraid, I act when I’m uncomfortable,

Train to act when you’re tired and when you’re not happy.

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